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Anon :I honestly hate the direction your story is heading. I have been a large fan
of your past stories such as “Touch,” “Communal” and “Clueless” because of
their clever humor and spot-on characterizations. This story, however, is the
complete opposite so far. The characterizations are awful. Robin is an
insensitive jerk and Starfire is a selfish brat who comes of as a whore. If I
were Robin, I would also kick her off the team for dating a criminal and lying
to him about it. Not to mention, Raven comes of as quite cruel in this story.
Not to mention that Starfire and Red X have absolutely NO interesting
chemistry in the slightest. This seems pretty ironic, since you wrote in one
of your previous stories, “Stolen,” you stated how you hated when other
writers portray the characters in such manners. If you want Starfire with Red
X for whatever reason, that is fine, but as you stated in your author’s note
of “Stolen,” “write the characters correctly! All of them!” Please do not take
offense from my words. I still think you are a very talented writer and
sincerely hope you improve the story. Especially because myself and a number
of other people who have read your story so far really loathe what you are
doing to the characters. A skilled writer and large Teen Titans fan such as
yourself shouldn’t be writing what you currently are. Once again, please don’t
be offended. Thank you for your time.

Dear nameless anon,

Since I have no real way of responding to you and I feel this needs a response immediately rather than waiting until Monday, I’ve put it up on tumblr.

Hating the direction of a story is entirely up to you, I’m not forcing you to read this.

As for characterisations, I disagree with you on that stance. I’m actually wondering if you’re reading the same story I’m writing, or just have utter distaste for the pairing, you’re not giving it a chance.

Robin was an insensitive jerk many times in the cartoon. He was quite incapable on many occasions of expressing any sort of feelings, even when flat out asked about them by Starfire. He even broke her heart in the movie before he reneged on that statement.

Starfire has kept many, many secrets in her life. Start with never telling them she was a princess. Move on to her keeping what Val-yor was doing a secret so she didn’t hurt Robin. She, if she decided to peruse a relationship, might in fact keep it a secret in the beginning. And that’s where this story is, at the beginning. They’ve only been together a few months, if in fact she could call it being together. That’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.

How is Raven cruel? She’s tried to be a good friend, she’s listened to Starfire, tried to give Starfire advice she could use rather than alienating her friend, she’s been there to pick up the pieces. She’s hangs out with Cyborg and Beast Boy. She’s been a voice of reason, if anything.

I’m going to ignore the ‘whore’ comment.

Now for the what if?

Imagine, Robin kissed Starfire then immediately took it back, asked her to wait for him, then took two years to decide that yeah, he did want to be more. In the meantime, she’s had to put herself back together, because she really does love him. Then, after two years, someone pays attention to her. Someone who’s always been there in the background, sometimes helping, sometimes hindering. Someone who is willing to spend time with her and talk and who saved her life. Robin doesn’t seem to be interested in her at all, the attention Red X pays to her is flattering and nice, because she’s been lonely. She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t help herself.

Love is never black and white. It happens when you least expect it.

Then, when she’s finally thinking she might be happy, Robin decides he really does want to be with her. He knows what he did, he admitted it to her and apologised. He wants to set it straight and try again. Yes, it could be because he knows he might never get another chance with her if he continues the way he is, but the point is, he’s trying. That’s not insensitive.

It mimics real life.In the human dynamic, it is often the case once someone finds another person who holds their affections, interest in the person picks up again, and it isn’t due to jealousy/competition - in this case Robin doesn’t know of the relationship/tryst between Red X and Starfire but as Star became more secure and confident again, she was more attractive and that is when he realised if he didn’t do something soon, someone else would.

In layman’s terms, he broke up with her, she was sad, he stayed away, she became happy, he likes a happy Starfire.

What does Starfire know of human relationships? Her first one was a disaster. She tried to change to cover whatever it was Robin found so appalling he couldn’t be with her. So she made mistakes. She doesn’t tell anyone what she’s feeling because when they find out, they hurt her. How is that selfish?

Starfire tells Robin no. She tells him why. She’s an adult about it. She doesn’t whine or string him along. She’s upfront. So perhaps she hasn’t been upfront about her dating history. But he’s her boss, not her boyfriend. She shouldn’t have to tell him anything as long as she’s doing her job. If Red X is doing the wrong thing, she’s already said she’ll bring him in. In this case, she’s helping because of reasons I haven’t told you yet.

A lot of people believe Starfire and Red X have chemistry. A lot of people believe Raven and Robin have chemistry, or even Raven and Red X. I’m confused as to whether or not you mean chemistry in the show, (which yes there’s little chemistry there), or chemistry in my writing. Which, if I’ve failed to show chemistry between Red X and Starfire in this story, that’s my fault.

Add to all of this, this story is told in non-linear format. There’s time skips galore, things are occurring out of sequence and you haven’t seen the end of them yet. Things have happened you, as the reader, are unaware. It’s set in the future, after the show has ended. After Red X helped Robin in Car Trouble. After Robin let Red X go in Car Trouble. After a lot of things have happened.

So far, the only person who’s really had a serious problem with this story and come and told me is yourself. I’ve had people dislike the pairing, but not the characterisations. You did so in anon form, which means I have no way of opening a dialogue with you. So, please, this ‘number of people’ would you come forward and tell me what you really think?

There has to be a small suspension of believe when it comes to a story like Secrets of the Heart, because it completely breaks canon. It’s a crack pairing. I’ve had to build it all, not go from the show.

If you have a genuine beef with the characterisations, I do want to know. I’ve tried to give them all reasonable growth given the fact they’re all eighteen and older now, I’ve tried to convey why they’re all doing what they’re doing, everything I’ve done is something I believe has been within the scope of the characters themselves, with explanations of why they’re doing it. If you think I’m doing it wrong, then I want to know. You can anon me here if that’s what you want.